Painting is my joy! My absolute bliss! I work non-objectively, experimentally, and
intuitively, searching on the canvas or paper for the beauty I know will be there. I have
diligently studied many facets of painting and am constantly learning more.
Understanding the technical aspects of the art, I allow my intuition to work, along with
my imagination, towards dynamic design with much experimentation. Texture, line,
form, and the interesting arrangements of shapes, along with the use of color, make my

I believe art should be an enriching part of every person’s life, and should be a mental
and emotionally stimulating experience for both the artist and the observer. I want to
share the joy and excitement painting brings to me as an artist by showing the viewer a
different way of experiencing the world around us. If I can evoke strong feelings of
emotion and understanding in the viewer, and a new way of seeing our world, my work
is a success.

– Sintha Anderson